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Quotes Clinical Skills Training was a great school for me. I learn how to do things in a short time. We had hands on training and the teaching was 100% and we never left the same way we came on a day to day bases. If it was something that we didn't understand Mrs. Donna made sure that we got it before we left for the day she was always there by our side to help us at all times. If you are looking to become any thing in the Medical field then you should be looking for Clinical Skills Training you won't go wrong I did not ! Quotes
Felecia Jackson
Certified Medical Assistant

Quotes Soy Mexicana y vine de California hace un ano. Busque trabajo pero no tuve suerte. Este ano decid? ir a la escuela para mejorarme y poder encontrar trabajo. Empece las clases en Marzo 2010 y me gradu? en Mayo 2010. Apenas hace una dos semanas y ya recib? mis credenciales para poder trabajar. Me llamaron para una entrevista en una oficina de ortop?dicos. Estoy muy feliz me dieron el trabajo! Todo fue tan rapido. Yo recomiendo esta escuela para todos que quieren una carrera corta y de bajo costo. La Maestra Donna Hughlett es muy buena en su theoria y tambien en sus technicas. Ella te prepara para pasar el examen y siempre se asegura que este uno aprendiendo. Es algo que otras escuelas no ofrecen. Gracias a la Maestra Donna hoy tengo una carrera y tambien un trabajo con futuro. Quotes
Flebotomista / Especialista en Facturacion y Codification Medica

Quotes Enrolling at Clinical Skills Training Center has been a life changing experience for me. A year ago I relocated from California and was looking for jobs with no luck. This year I decided not to give up and try something new. I started class in March 2010 and successfully graduated May 2010. I received my credentials and went for an interview the next day. I am proud to say I NOW HAVE A JOB! I got hired the same day of the interview at an Orthopedic Practice it all happened in less than two weeks from graduation! Ms. Donna is a great instructor, she is hands-on, and you receive that special attention that is not offered anywhere else. She prepares you for the exam and provides you with with all the skills you will need. Ms. Donna Hughlett has helped me achieve my goals and thanks to her I now have a promising career and a JOB! She truely is " My Lucky Charm ". I recommend Clinical Skills to anyone who wants a career in the medical field within a few months and very affordable. Quotes
Billing and Coding Specialist/ Phlebotomist

Quotes I really enjoyed learning something new that i can take anywhere.Mrs Donna is one of those teachers that you wish you had in high school cause she really takes the time to make sure you understand the information.She is also firm and down to earth I would suggest that if you want to get a career in the medical field without student loans on your back Clinical Skills Training is the school you want to attend. I truly feel that Mrs. Donna is the best person for the job. Quotes

Quotes Clinical Skills Training Center is committed to providing excellent training and development to individuals who are seeking to get to the next level. MDEC has had an opportunity to send some of its employees and customers there to benefit from the services provided by CSTC. I would like to recommend its services to those who wish to enhance their healthcare knowledge, skills and abilities. Quotes
Antonio C. Wallace
Chief Education Consultant

Quotes I have to say that this is indeed one of the best experiences of my life. Clinical Skills Training offered me an opportunity to follow through and actually complete something I've started. It is engaging, captivating, and the atmosphere definitely is a relaxed learning environment. It allows you to learn while experiencing first hand on how to deal with the day to day dealings as a phlebotomist! You don't find too many places offering the skill level of Mrs. Donna while allowing you to demonstrate comfortability while learning. I enjoyed this class, and I will recommend to anyone in the Atlanta area. Lifetime skills for pennies, by a highly qualified professional. Thank you for everything Mrs. Donna! Quotes
Certified Phlebotomist

Quotes If there was one person I could say made my life what it was today... that would be Donna Hughlett. She is a great instructor at Clinical Skills Training.There's a saying about teachers, that they are the light to a bright future. Well, Donna lite my way through teaching me in phlebotomy and becoming a medical assistant. I say this because I was forced to close my own business' due to the economy. I needed to change my career and at the age of 44 years old it's never too late. I knew the medical field was wide open with possible jobs. I started out getting hired at an OB-GYN office and became a medical assistant with an OB-GYN doctor. From there worked in Dermatology office with Piedmont Yorktown. Now employeed as a phlebotomist with Spectrum labs. Thank you, Donna for giving me the chance at a new career and saying you can do it, don't be afraid! Quotes
Lori Anne Turner
Medical Assistant/Phlebotomist

Quotes I relocated here to Georgia from Michigan recently and was looking for what my heart truly desires & that was a career in Phlebotomy...This was an amazing course with a great instructor. You will learn in this class and be proud of your accomplishment. :) Quotes
Beth Rubin
Certified Phlebotomist

Quotes I've always had a passion for the medical field.After seeing my step-father and other relatives pass away so suddenly .And having an daughter with no support to help guide me through .I knew right from the start that I had to get off my butt and do something immediately with my life .Therefore,after going through a year of training as an medical assistant five years ago had landed me no where. This is why I decided to not give up on my big dream and attended this great school. Mrs. Donna has really taught not only me but her student's as well not to give up and back down on success.And guess what i made it through that successful cycle. Quotes
Mary Barksdale
Phlebotomy graduate April 2010

Quotes I am recenttly unemployed and have always enjoyed anything dealing with the medical field. I signed up for class in February 2010, and just completed the Phlebotomy training program. I was very satisfied with the amount of knowledge our instructor had ,her professionalism and her method of providing me with all that I needed to succeed and move foward in my new career. I took the Phlebotomy certification exam and feel very confident that I did well. Quotes