Clinical SkillsTraining Center
College Park, Georgia

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Administrative/Billing certificate program       (only offered with medical assisting program) $1750.00           9am-12pm

This course is designed to provide the students with an overall understanding and introduction to the field of healthcare, particularly as it relates to the multi-skilled Administrative assistant. This course includes introduction to healthcare, infection control, safety and emergencies, legal and ethical responsibilates, communication and interpersonal skills along with skills involved in hands on application preparing medical records., setting appointments,. Discuss the pathway from the patient contact through the diagnosis , treatment, follow-up and financial aspects of standard medical care.Basic understanding of billing and coding principles as they relate to a physician's office, with demonstrating knowledge of ICD 10, CPT basic coding procedures to include insurance verification, EOB's.

*Medical Terminology, provides the student with an overall understanding of basic terminology principles, structures that are associated with building terminology words by using prefixes, suffixes, and root words. this course also includes basic anatomy & physiology principles that cover the body systems, their definitions, diseases and disorders to include diagnostic exams. 

Price includes all materials and supplies ( laptop required)

Payments are made as followed: $1750.00+50.00=$1800.00. $650.00 beginning payment (8) weekly $137.50 or bi-weekly $275.00.

Students wear scrubs any color and closed toe shoes.  ADMISSIONS/EXAM FEES NOT INCLUDED.


Class start and end dates as followed:

*Monday Jan 6, 2020