Clinical SkillsTraining Center
College Park, Georgia

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Quotes Donna and Clinical Skill Training, has been a blessing to me. At the age of 47, I needed to make a career change, I was thinking of the medical field, but didn't know how to get started without having to spend years in school. I read about Clinical Skills Training on the website. One Friday I went up to the school, (which is normally Donna's day off). and with luck on my side Donna was there, for only a short time. But she took the time to show me around, tell me about the school and the education I would receive. I deceided to enroll in the Phlebotomy and EKG class. When I was about half way finished, I deceided to take the rest of the classes offered. Donna is a very good teacher, caring of every student and their training. She is right there with you the whole way. You are never alone. I'm currently working in McDonough for a D.O. Donna was an insperation to me, and a great friend for life. Thank You Donna for everything. Quotes

Quotes I have been in the medical field for about 5 years now and I love every bit of it. Everything that I learned in Ms. Donna's class did more than prepare me for the work field. On interviews, the managers are asking me how do I know certain information, which leads me to believe that she is going above and beyond to teach us everything she knows and some. From the doctor office, to Kaiser Permanente where I work now, I was told by the head staff that I was highly recommended and that is all because of the best instructor at the best school here in Georgia. Quotes
Certified Medical Assistant/Phlebotomist/Lab assistant

Quotes The thing which has always attracted me to biology is the variety of applications which the subject has to the real world. Coming into Clinical Skill Training the wealth of expertise that Ms. Donna has to offer is amazing and beneficial. There was never a dull moment and I have learned more from her then I have from my professor in Human Anatomy. All courses were hands on and gave me the confidence I have to continue my degree in Medical Sciences. Thank you Ms. Donna! Quotes
Lisa Smith
Certified Phlebtomy Tech

Quotes The experience and knowledge you gain from Donna's instruction is one of a kind. She is extremely knowledgeble and her experience is felt throughout her course. She prepares you with the skills and knowlege to meet the challenges you will face in the field. When you enter Clinical Skills Training Center with little to none in experience, you will leave equipped with the skills and confidence of knowing how to achieve success. Thanks for such a wonderful opportunity. Quotes

Quotes Ms.Donna is an awesome teacher and I want to thank her for taking her time and having the patience to teach me everything I need to know for my exams.Also helping me to understand the material along with the hands on training.I am greatly thankful for teachers like her. :-) Quotes
Marika Roberts
Certified Phlebotomy Techican

Quotes Ms. Donna is one of the most brilliant teachers that I have ever met. She is also a pleasure to work with, having patience, understanding, and a refreshing sense of humor. Thank you so much for being an amazing mentor. I tell everyone that you are the best! I've had many teachers in my career as a student, and I can honestly say none has inspired me as you have. You really go the extra mile for your students, and I didn't want you to think your dedication goes unnoticed. She does not make it easy but she will teach you and you will know the material while having a good time. You'll find out that nothing that comes easy is worth a dime. As a matter of fact, I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face. I passed the national exam to become a medical assistant, EKG & Phlebotomy Technician. This school was definitely very beneficial because of its hands-on approach. I will recommend Clinical Skill Training Center to anyone who wants a career. Joann Witchard Quotes
Joann Witchard
Medical Assistant, EKG & Phlebotomy Technician

Quotes When I was searching for alternative schools to go to beside our local college, I found several on the internet. They all had mixed or bad reviews. Mrs. Donna's classes did not have one bad comment on the site! I made a visit and decided thats where I wanted to be. It was very hands on, personal and fun. We always laughed while we were learning. I did not feel embarrassed when I got things wrong because Mrs. Donna has a way to making you feel at ease. It was easier and better than wating on my local college to work with me. It fit my schedule because I needed night classes. I found work immediately after receiving my certification. I now have my CMA, PT, and EKG. I am currently a Medical Assistant for a diet clinic and I love whatI do! Thanks Mrs. Donna!!! Quotes
Found work immediately.

Quotes Before registering for the Phlebotomy class at Clinical Skills Training, I did research on this field. I knew I could retain the information, but my biggest fear was drawing samples from a patient with no visible veins. Ms. Donna picked up on my nervousness and did an exercise with me where she had me feel for the veins in her arm with my eyes closed. She had me repeatedly feel where each individual vein was until I was more confident in my skills. Ms. Donna is a wonderful teacher and I appreciate the fact that she's caring and will go over the material as many times as necessary until you're comfortable with it. I was very pleased with my overall experience with this class and highly recommend it to anyone seeking to join the medical field. Quotes
Dee Williams
Certified Phlebotomy Technician

Quotes I searched, reviewed, visited, and interviewed students at several healthcare educational facilities prior to choosing to go to Clinical Skills Training Center (CSTC). I am a medical trained Air Force member. The extensive and thorough hands-on phlebotomy, EKG, and patient care training I received at CSTC has taught me skills not previously learned. FYI, I scored in the 90s on all exams. Now, I am chosen for special military assignments and recognized for the care and skills I possess. I have provided care and inserted IVs, with no mishaps, to hundreds of injured soldiers during air transportation as Aeromedical Evacuation Tech! Thank you Ms. Donna! You are an Angel and blessing! Maila Quotes
CSTC Trains Angels

Quotes I recently moved to Georgia and I decided that now is a good time to make a career change. I wanted to get into a school that did not cost alot but still taught me everything I needed to perform the job. When I went to the school and talked with Donna I knew this was the school for me. Ms. Donna is an excellent teacher who is patient and encouraging. She will help you over and over until you get it right. After completing my externship I was hired by a doctor who is a DO. Thanks again Donna I could not have done this without you. Quotes
Cynthia Davis
Certified Medical Assistant
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