Clinical SkillsTraining Center
College Park, Georgia

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State approved GNPEC for Clinical medical assistant, Phlebotomy/EKG and coming soon MLT applied science degree program.

Clinical courses provide hands-on and real world experiences. Students have a true understanding of procedures due to small class size. Students are directed in preparation for the Certified medical assistant,  Phlebotomist, EKG technician, Patient care technician, Billing and Coding certification exams.  (Test is given on site) 

 All procedures are performed in class and students practice on one another.


Students of the Billing course will learn the ability to acquire all information needed to process the claim before the patient is seen by the healthcare provider. They must also be able to complete a  forms with the correct procedure codes and correct diagnosis codes and have knowledge of third party billing , E.O.B's for collections, computerized billing .

The Clinical Medical Assistant must be able to chart information correctly, record vital signs, have knowledge of computers  in specimen collections for lab request, understand abbreviations for prescriptions, lab test, and general clinical procedures including Injections, EKG, Phlebotomy, CPR/First aid.

THE DIFFERENCE IS....Small class sizes  One on one instruction.

The mission of Clinical Skills Training is to serve our students and the communities in which we serve by continuously providing quality training and education through acceptable standards and techniques. Our commitment further extends to provide excellence with affordability and accessibility by offering allied healthcare programs that not only enhance the student's soft skills but also their employability and training skills as well. 

THE JOB SEARCH..... Starts on day one, Students are directed on how to format a resume for the medical field the first day of class because the job search begins right away. 


Our prices are competitive and we train quality professionals.Courses are 6-20 weeks. Course prices range from $850.00-$4250.00.* PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Why pay $6,000-$18,000 with loans to repay and no guarantee of employment ? The time and money spent in a large post secondary school is not necessary according to the United States Department of Labor  ( OJT "on the job training" or short term program ).  If you are lucky enough to be hired and trained by the physician?s office, then you have gained both a paycheck and valuable experience. Doctor offices are private businesses and can hire and train who they wish. Hospitals and nursing homes want their employees to be qualified and certified for the positions they work in.



        If this sounds like something tailored just for you it is ! 

      CALL TODAY  404 766-9093   2459 ROOSEVELT HWY, COLLEGE PARK GA 30337 STE. C-9   Established in 2004.