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Clinical SkillsTraining Center
College Park, Georgia

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Medical Assisting Certificate Program            $2950.00             16 weeks                Monday,Tuesday, Thursday   

                                                                                                                                          9 am- 12 pm and 5:30-8:30 pm

Medical Assisting / Billing & Coding                $4250.00              20 weeks                same as above

The objective of the medical assisting program is to provide graduates with the skills and knowledge that will enable them to qualify for entry-level positions as medical assistants. phlebotomist, EKG technicians and office managers, Since MA's are "crossed-trained" in a number of clinical procedures, they are capable of filling a variety of entry- level positions currently in large demand thoughout the healthcare industry. The program is designed to prepare the students to assist physicians and nurse practitioners. they are responsible for medical and surgical asepsis, recording vital signs, EKG's , administering medications, laboratory functions , administrative procedures including insurance verification and knowledge of procedure and diagnosis codes for billing, ordering of supplies , scheduling appointments and peforms all clinical duties expected of clinical medical assistants.

Program Courses include: 

*  Medical terminology,  identify and understand the basic structure, functions and interaction of each body system.

 * Law and ethics within healthcare field.

 * Learn the pathway from patient contact through the diagnosis treatment, follow-up and financial aspects of medical care.

* Basic computer skills

*  Hematology/ Lab assisting including Phlebotomy, IV insertion

*  Special Procedures & EKG

* Injections

* Vital Signs

* CPR / First Aid

* Point of care testing



*** Insurance Billing and Coding  ICD-10.  $4250.00 for Complete Medical Assisting Program


Class start and end dates are as followed:

*Tuesday Jan 2, 2018 -  April 19,2018   end dates for B&C  /*** May 17,2018

*Feb start Jan 29,2018 - May 17,2018  /***June 14,2018

*Mar start  Feb 26,2018 - June 14,2018 /***July 12,2018

*Apr start  Mar 26,2018 - July 16,2018  /***Aug 9,2018

*May start Apr 30,2018-  Aug 16,2018  /***Sept 13,2018

                 June 4,2018 - Sept 20,2018  /***Oct 18,2018

                 July 2,2018 - Oct 18,2018   /***Nov 15,2018

Aug start  July 30,2018 - Nov 15,2018   /***Dec 13,2018

*Sept start Aug 27,2018 - Dec 13,2018  /***Jan 24,2019

                  Oct 1,2018 - Jan 31,2018     /***,2019

Nov start *Oct 29,2018 - Feb 21,2019    /**2019

Dec start *Nov 27,2017- Mar 29,2018   /***May 26,2018   

PRICES INCLUED ALL MATERIALS AND SUPPLIES. Laptop helpful with course materials.

Students are required to purchase and wear scrubs any color and closed toe shoes. EXAM FEE IS NOT INCLUDED IN COURSE FEE.

Outside clinical training requires back ground and drug screening, shot records, CPR and have additional fees.

PAYMENTS are made as followed:$2950+50=$3000.00 Beginning payment is $650.00. Weekly $147.00 bi-weekly $293.75. You can start with more and the payments will be calculated according to the amount.

$4250+50=$4300.00 beginning payment $1250.00 weekly at $152.50 or Bi-weekly$305.00. You can start with more and the payments will be calculated according to the amount.