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Hours and the Day for 2024 Orientation 

Class start dates

orientation is offered every four weeks on Thursdays.

Morning orientation is 8:30 am Evening orientation is at 5:00pm

orientation for February start 1/25/2024                     classes start 1/29/2024     

orientation for March start is 2/29/2024                     classes start 3/4/2024

orientation for April start is 3/28/2024                        classes start 4/1/2024

orientation for May start is 4/25/2024                        classes start  5/6/2024

orientation for June start is 5/30/2024                       classes start  6/3/2024

orientation for July start is 6/27/2024                         classes start 7/1/2024

orientation for August start 7/25/2024                        classes start 8/5/2024

orientation for September start 8/29/2024                 classes start 9/3/2024

orientation for October start 9/26/2024                      classes start 9/30/2024

orientation for November start 10/24/2024                classes start 10/28/2024


Medical assistant                     EKG/PHLEB                             

Enrollment starts by completing the enrollment agreement.

Forms are located on each of the program pages (pdf) they are in the color blue 


 High school transcripts/diploma or college transcripts/diploma and picture I.D. these documents will be emailed to CSTC at prior to attending orientation and brought in printed when you arrive on that date. 

(CSTC will respond to you by email to confirm receipt of documents) On this day enrolling students are expected to pay beginning fees and will receive supplies for their program. 


Everyone is required to wear a mask, or you


will not be granted entry into the building. 


 As always just email us with any questions you may have!

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